Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Italian Restaurants in Schuylkill County

I just returned from one of my many whirlwind tours of the county, delivering visitors guides, visiting member businesses and checking out the summer scenery. Of course I have to eat along the way.

A few weeks ago, Donna Boyd from the Peace Frog asked me when I was going to write about local restaurants again. I was surprised that anyone was even reading my blog, so I was naturally surprised that I had at least one fan. Since talking to Donna, I actually visited four Italian Restaurants around Schuylkill County. So here's the skinny according to Mark Major, whose taste buds have been getting a work-out.

Roma Pizza in downtown Pottsville: Working in the downtown, I tend to visit often for lunch and even to take home a pizza (when it's my turn to cook). My favorites at Roma? The Italian Salad is great! (Don't tell Pete and Pete that I give the black olives to my wife though.) I also love their Regular Pizza and Garlic Knots! Many times people who visit our office are sent to Roma on their way up the hill to the Brewery.

Original Italian Pizza in Frackville: I stopped in there last month during my Upper Schuylkill run. The Chicken Parmiagana Sandwich was yummy and hit the spot. But the biggest taste surprise was the Spinich Tortellini Soup. Growing up I was never a Spinich fan (even though Popeye was always trying to push the stuff on kids), but that soup was really something special.

Roman Delight at the Fairlane Village Mall: My wife and I broke away from the kids one Saturday Night and headed up to the Fairlane Village (Mall) and Roman Delight. One of the Dinner Specials was "The Roman Delight". It included a ravioli, a boneless babyback rib and something else .. (it was last month, so please bear with me). It was one of the best Entrees I have had around Schuylkill County. I just called up there and they said it was one of last month specials and is not always on the menu. Rats! I wanted to know all the components, so I guess you will haev to find out for yourself. If you ever see it on the menu, try it!

Marchiano's in New Ringgold: Kathy Miller (Cellist Kathy) who lives in the New Ringgold area, and helps distribute brochures in that corner of the county, recommended I visit Marchiano's. So today on my "Tour de Skook", I drove by, turned around on a back street and had my lunch there. I asked for the most unique item on the menu. The waitress recommended the "Schiacciata". I had to ask for the pronunciation, but even now, I can not even attempt it. Anyway ... The Schiacciata is basically an Italian Sub without the lettuce and roll, but baked on a thin crust, pita looking dough (top and bottom). In the middle ... Ham, Capicola, Salami, Provolone Cheese, Three large tomato slices, onion and a seasoning. Fresh, warm and tasty, I had to put my reading glasses on to get a closer look. Another Yummy lunch in Schuylkill County.

Oh and I went up to Heisler's for a small ice cream for dessert.


Anonymous said...

Roma in Pottsville:

The only thing I have ever tried there is an Italian Hoagie. Very unusual: homemade rolls have a nice flavor and texture, but it all ends there; absolutely nothing like a hoagie. Almost nothing inside the roll. Never get another one. I will try something else, since I see it is always full there!


Anonymous said...

Original Italian Pizza:

Good pizza, good cheesesteak....ask for the special hot sauce.

Anonymous said...

Roman Delight:

I have had the Italian Stromboli and various pizza combinations; all very good.

Anonymous said...

DeVito's in Ashland:

Excellent pizza, and italian stromboli. The stromboli contains mustard unless you ask them not to add it ( I never have it this way. ) They are small, but quite delicious.
Very bad cheesesteak and hoagie, however.

Anonymous said...

Palermo's in Minersville:

Have had pizza and stromboli here; excellent!

Anonymous said...

Where the heck do you find an great hoagie and cheesesteak in this area?

A recent Northern Schuylkill County transplant, I am used to 'Philadelphia style' hoagies and cheesesteaks; very big, very stuffed, excellent flavored bread....we have not been able to find anything even remotely similar in this area. Any suggestions?